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Shaper on Mac

A new beta version of Shaper is available. This version is long overdue. Moving house and all the tasks around that have taken up a lot of time over the past few months.

The biggest change for this release is the introduction of a Mac version. Thanks to Qt‘s “write once compile anywhere” magic this was not a major issue. Throughout development I had periodically been making sure that everything was compiling and running on Mac. The main thing that was missing was an installer and some other bits and pieces. It is a bit rough, the icon for example could use some work. If you do try it out please let me know if you encounter any issues.

Another new feature is the addition of Torque import support. This is the first step towards Torque export support which was a feature of the original Shaper. At this point only basic meshes are supported. There is no support for animation. Support for Torque shall improve in the next releases.

Going forward I expect the time between releases to be smaller. I have no plans to move house again any time soon.


The beta version of Shaper is officially available for download. This is actually a relaunch of an old product. That said there have been some major changes.

The changes are a result of me being a user, in addition to the developer, of Shaper. I am creating a 3D game. Creating 3D art using advanced tools is not one of my strengths. Instead I use Shaper to create basic art. Eventually I plan to use Shaper, and some basic programming skill, to create some very cool 3D art.

At this point Shaper can be used to create basic textured 3D models that can be exported to a variety of formats. You can create the model using voxels or more traditional tools. I tend to use voxels. There is also an experimental tool for procedurally generating trees. This tool needs a lot more love though.

Over the next few months, prior to version 1.0, I plan to do a bunch of things.

  • Release versions for Linux and Mac. I have developed Shaper using the cross-platform Qt library.
  • Make the SDK officially available. At this point all you can do is browse the documentation.
  • Add basic animation tools. I am still figuring out how the animation tools will apply to voxels.

Progress won’t be stopping at 1.0 though. There are a variety of items on my to-do list. For my own game I have a few procedural tools in mind. I plan to make it possible to script meshes. Stay tuned.

If you do decide to try it out I would love to hear your feedback.